Evergreen Lawn Care

Evergreen Lawn Care in Central Missouri understands the many variables it’s takes to keep your lawn and landscape in the best condition. We know Central Missouri’s weather and environmental conditions which assists us in providing expert mowing services that work with your fertilizing, weed control and lawn care management.

We look out for you while we cut, trim and edge your grass, we monitor your lawn and landscape for health and pest issues alerting you if needed.

Healthy lawns are more than a product of fertilization and weed control.

We know proper mowing is important in avoiding scalping the landscape or disturbing the soil—which can lead to weed issues.  Effective mowing practices involve more than just operating machinery.

We pay special attention to weather, rainfall and other conditions in order to treat your property as if it is our own by adjusting mowing height, varying mowing directions and maintaining our equipment for clean cuts.

I can always count on Becky and Bryan to keep our grass looking nice.  They are very easy to talk to and have always been quick to work with me if I need something special done. I can depend on Evergreen for all my lawn care needs.

Libby - Store Manager, Family Video of Mexico